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The old part of Allern Lane

known as “Frank’s Lane” 

Saddlers Way / Allern Lane, Tamerton Foliot, Plymouth, Devon, PL5 4PP

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Before / After

Photos of before and after. I didn’t think about taking photos of the lane until after I had already cleared a lot of the rubbish, so you don’t get a true picture of what it was like before I stated work.


A few comments taken from the Tamerton Facebook page from visitors to the lane.


Directions on how to get to "Frank's Lane".

2021 events.

May 2021. Julie Wetherel kindly painted and provided a painting for the lane.

June 2021. First anniversary of when the horse shoes and fairy doors were installed in the lane.

December 2021. The lane decorated for Christmas.

2022 Events

7th May 2022. I had a stall at the Tamerton Foliot Carnival. Raising money for The Devon Air Ambulance.

28th May - 12th June 2022. Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

23rd October 2022. Plymouth Roborough Rotary and volunteers planted Crocuses in the Lane. Maintaining the awareness of the fight to end Polio.

3rd December. Frank was presented with an award from Plymouth Roborough Rotary Club.

Christmas 2022

Photos of the Christmas Lane

Flowers and plants.

Flowers and plants in the lane since June 2021.

Items in the lane.

Items that visitors have left in the lane during their visit.

Home: FAQ

"Frank's Lane" disclaimer.

I Francis Clemens, accept no responsibility for any personal accident, injury or public liability while using this old part of Allern Lane known as "Frank's Lane".

You are responsible for your own safety and that of any accompanying children and/or pets when using "Frank's Lane". 

Home: About

 "Frank’s Lane"

History of "Frank's Lane"

This used to be the end of Allern Lane, but when the Naval Estate was built, this part of the lane was blocked off, a new junction was then made for Allern lane  in Linton Road.

Over the years it had become a dumping ground.

November 2019 I took it upon my self to tidy it up. There were tyres, car batteries, a large iron gate post, plus a lot of other rubbish.

Home: Welcome

April 2020 I erected a sign with information on what I had done, I also added a post to the "Tamerton Foliot Community"  page on Facebook.

Home: Welcome

It was well received by everyone, so I then cut through the banks of earth and rubble at each end to make a path way that everyone could use.

Home: Welcome

May 2020, I found six horseshoes when digging on the other side of the hedge, I thought it would be a good idea to hang them on the trees for the children to find.

Home: Welcome

June 2020, I made the three fairy doors and a fairy house which my wife Rose and I painted and put in the lane.

At the same time we added some animal ornaments to find.

Since then visitors to the lane have added lots of painted stones, dinosaurs, animals, dolls and many other items.

Home: Welcome

My neighbour gave me a sign for the lane. "Welcome to Frank's Lane" and since then it has been known as "Frank's Lane"

I have created a notice board.

The left side has information about the lane.

On the right side are photos of things to find in the lane. 

I have used a plastic cover from a record player deck to keep the sign dry, which can be easily taken off to renew the details.

Home: Welcome

I have now made and added to the lane  two seats. Visitors  can now rest and enjoy the flowers and listen to the birds.

Home: Welcome
blue tits.jpg

October 2020 I made 5 bird boxes and put them in the trees up through the lane.

This year 2021, there has been a lot of activity around the boxes, so far one box has had a pair of Blue Tits with their young.

Home: Welcome

A local lady Julie Wetherell painted and provided this beautiful painting for the lane on 29th May 2021

Julie with her painting


Close up of her painting


Close up of the centre panel.

Home: Services

June 2021.
The anniversary of the
six horse shoes erected,
three fairy doors and
one fairy house installed.

Home: Services

September 2021, Martin Baggs managed to get “Frank’s Lane” registered as a poke stop. For those that play Pokémon Go. Thank you Martin.

Home: Welcome

Thank you to everyone who has given me plants, shrubs, trees, soil, gravel, shillet, slabs and wood to make the lane what it is today.

It has been gratifying to hear from so many people how the lane has helped them through this covid pandemic, it has been somewhere to take the children, also just to sit, relax, enjoy the flowers and listen to the birds singing.

Home: Welcome

Enjoy "Frank’s Lane"

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Other links to Websites and YouTube
Channels I have created

1987 jmqa.jpg

Frank's Christmas Grottos 1980 to 1987

To see the videos on YouTube click on the link below.


Frank's Lane
Videos on YouTube

To see videos on YouTube

of the Frank's Lane

click on the link below.


Frank's Tamerton
Foliot Trail

Click on the link below for the
Website for Frank's Tamerton Foliot Trail.

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"Frank's Lane"

Join the facebook group to see updates in the lane.

"Tamerton Foliot Community"

Saddlers Way / Allern Lane, Tamerton Foliot, Plymouth, Devon, PL5 4PP

You can contact Frank on the email link below.

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